American Design Team

Release Time | 2017.12.26

UE American design team is UE’s important cooperation partner, who has a direct and deep knowledge of the biggest market throughout the world.

For products selecting, American has  diffent eyes. What we pay more attion, Is the comfort. So,we hope the chair looks big,strong and soft enough. And we prefer the new design, even it is exaggerated and with strong personality. Our design team is form the west, the hometown of cowboys, where we can breathe the pure American air easier, so that to catch the American style in depth. UE really does a good job in holding the American market demand. No matter what they  developed, the California sunshine series ,the Picasso or the new products we are cooperating,we can see that.

Picasso series product is the original achievement of Sino-US research and development cooperation. The smooth dancing and unshackled steel tube shape forms a strong impact of art on the vision effect. It not only blessed with extremely strong bearing power, but also matches North American’s consumer value, freedom and power.